The Mitagator™ Fire Mitigation Tool is unlike any other property maintenance tool on the market. It’s more powerful than a rake, hoe, pitchfork or McLeod and clears ground fuels down to the dirt. It removes 80% 90% of needles, leaves, twigs and other fine ground debris but it’s strong enough to quickly pile and move large branches, too.

At under five pounds, The Mitagator Fire Mitigation Hand Tool is strong, light and efficient. Professionals love it for it’s efficiency, homeowners love it for it’s versatility. The Mitagator aerates the soil as it clears debris, allowing moisture to get into the soil and green growth to fill in the cleared areas. It removes small rocks from garden beds but it won’t damage living plants, so you can safely use it to remove leaves, rocks and twigs from those hard to reach areas behind and under bushes. Need proof? Check out our video page to see it in action.


The Mitagator clears pine needles and other ground fuels quickly and efficiently.

Have you ever tried to clear pine needles with a rake? If you have, you know it just doesn’t work. The tines clog with debris and need to be cleared by hand every few minutes, making slow work of a simple job. Not only that, a rake misses 50%-80% of needles, cones and other small litter on the first pass – you have to rake the same area over and over to really clear the ground. A rake has it’s place – but efficiently cleaning chaff isn’t it. The Mitagator clears up to 90% of fine ground chaff on the first pass without getting jammed full of needles, cones and twigs. The Mitagator makes easy removal of more than small duff, though – it’s strong enough to move large branches, too. You can forget hauling those heavy, unwieldy fallen limbs out of the woods, The Mitagator rolls all that ground litter up in just a few strokes.

The Mitagator is strong enough to pile and move large branches.

Large areas can be cleaned in minutes instead of hours. Clearing years of litter from the ground allows more moisture into the soil and encourages new, green growth. With The Mitagator, you’re not only lowering the risk of wildfire spread through ground fuels, you’re bringing new life to the land. You will be amazed at how green your property will become!



The Mitagator clears weed cuttings better than a rake.

Can your rake do this?

The Mitagator does more than clear fire fuels – it’s also the most versatile lawn and garden tool on the market. The Mitagator will save you hours of work prepping your garden beds and adding soil amendments – and you’ll aerate the ground at the same time.

The Mitagator is sturdy enough to remove rocks swiftly and easily.


The Mitagator makes quick work of difficult tasks like removing rocks, weeds and dead plants.

The Mitagator gathers and moves piles of rocks with little effort.







The Mitagator pulls matted debris from under grass and ground covers with ease.



With  The  Mitagator, you can quickly clean up weed cuttings  and remove  matted debris  under  grass and ground  covers and aerate the soil at the same time.


The Mitagator makes easy work of weeds and litter along waterways.



The Mitagator is perfect for cleaning along waterways, too. You can clean garbage, weed and other debris in minutes – clean waterways promote a healthy ecosystem and happy wildlife.


The Mitagator won’t damage your live plants.


The Mitagator removes dead leaves and other hard to reach build up under and behind shrubs, bushes and other plants – the dead stuff comes out without harming your live vegetation.


The Mitagator is superior to a pitchfork for cleaning barns and stables.


Horse people love The Mitagator for cleaning barns and stables – it makes quick work of manure removal, spreading hay and clearing dirt floors.