About The Mitagator™

The Mitagator is proudly made in Colorado, USA
with materials sourced from U.S. vendors.

The Mitagator Fire Mitigation Tool has multiple uses for homeowners, forest management and disaster clean up

  • 5/16″ tines cut from cold rolled steel

  • Powder coated for durability

  • Oak handles made by the House Handle Company of Cassville, MO

  • The Mitagator weighs just 4 3/4 lbs

Bill Link with The Mitagator Fire Mitigation Tool for homeowners and professionals

The Mitagator™ was developed by Bill Link, a former California firefighter and current Colorado resident. In 2000, Bill was living in Big Bear, California during an especially bad fire season. As the fires crept closer to the little mountain town, the city ordered local property owners to remove all pine needles and other ground fuels from their properties.

Bill set out to mitigate around his home. First, he tackled the job with a leaf rake, but the tines clogged up and had to be cleared every few minutes. Then he went at it with a bow rake. That didn’t work any better. He tried every tool on hand, including a McLeod, but nothing moved the needles, twigs and debris efficiently.

As a former wildland firefighter, he understood the importance of clearing that land. He began designing a hand tool specifically to quickly and productively remove the ground fuels that feed wildfires. He spent 18 years developing, testing and perfecting his design. In 2018, he finally had it, and The Mitagator™ was born.

William Link is a long-time resident of Pine, Colorado. He lives on 10 acres that also serves as the testing ground for his tool.

Bill is a former firefighter with the California Department of Forestry, now known as CalFire. He was a sawyer, fighting forest and wildland fires in Northern California for 5 years. His experiences on the line crews gave him a deep appreciation of the importance of keeping our forests clean, healthy and safe.

Bill originally designed The Mitagator for professional wildland firefighters, but it’s light, efficient design has made it popular with local homeowners as well.